The urn field is a unique place in Poland, and one of very few of the kind in Europe.

It was created in the early 1920s in the southern part of Field No. 13. The first known burial on this field dates back to April 1925. This kind of burial was popular mainly among the intellectuals. It is interesting to note that ashes of cremated bodies were buried on this cemetery already a dozen or so years earlier. This is evident from records of a debate that took place in the Wroclaw Jewish Community in 1907. That debate did not focus on the question of whether such burials are permitted, but rather on the role the rabbi should play during such a burial ceremony.

general view of the urn field

For many years, the urn field was covered with a carpet of humus, ivy and shrubs. In May 2006 this unusual site was re-discovered by a group of students from Alma College and Albion College in Detroit, USA. The hard work of those young people returned to us a fragment of history. Here we would like to express our thanks to them, and our appreciation for their labor and enthusiasm.



This is an alphabetic list of names of people buried in the urn field. The data were gathered during the creation of a picture catalogue of this field. It thus reflects its present state – the gravestones that are visible and what information may be gathered from them.

Below the list there is a link to an Excel file (it can be downloaded and saved) with the same information but arranged according to the location of the graves.

Name Surname Date of birth Date of death
Baginsky Benno 28.03.1853 12.09.1934
Beyer Isidor 22.05.1875 15.08.1931
Chotzen Fritz 07.06.1871 15.09.1937
Cohn Em. Louis 01.05.1854 30.10.1931
Cohn Leopold 13.07.1861 17.11.1939
Dambitsch Felix 20.06.1872 15.09.1938
Eisner Richard 22.01.1872 11.04.1931
Epstein Max 16.01.1865 21.10.1940
Freundlich Fritz 05.12.1904 18.04.1932
Frey Wolf
Friedländer Simon 16.11.1979 15.06.1939
Friedmann Carl 02.04.1870 03.12.1936
Gadalje Max
Garai Josef 26.03.1862 01.03.1935
Gassmann Arthur 27.10.1872 14.02.1941
Glaser geb. Dzialoszinski Frieda 21.07.1858 11.01.1939
Goldmann /geb. Wolff/ Anna 04.12.1856 20.03.1931
Goldschmidt /geb. Cohn/ Clara 30.09.1853 12.12.1928
Goliner Renate 03.12.1858 26.04.1927
Hollaender Siegmund 20.05.1904 17.06.1940
Hollaender Max 01.04.1856 01.12.1925
Immerwahr Martin 25.12.1859 10.04.1932
Israel Ludwig 17.05.1864 20.10.1933
Jedwab Salo 08.04.1903 28.12.1940
Kalb /geb. Wiedermeyer/ Elsa 18.11.1882 05.01.1928
Kayser Erwin 28.09.1891 05.06.1940
Kleemann Sally 20.08.1891 23.04.1925
Koch Julius 18.05.1870 24.11.1930
Labischinski Else 11.03.1894 21.07.1926
Landsberger Alfred 18.03.1885 30.11.1938
Lesser Siegried 04.04.1848 02.10.1937
Loewissohn Paul 24.05.1874 13.08.1933
London geb. Friedländer Mathilde 22.04.1861 12.12.1933
Löwisohn Peter Adolf 08.05.1927 08.12.1929
Marcus Heinz 29.02.1920 27.12.1938
Marcusy Otto 31.03.1865 24.09.1933
Markowicz Herbert 13.04.1900 01.11.1927
May geb. Bodlaender Clara 29.12.1863 21.10.1938
Mehrländer Betty 1867 1931
Michaelis Marie 24.07.1859 30.01.1937
Michaelis Moritz 26.01.1863 18.08.1928
Morgenstern Siegismund 25.09.1928
Nicolauer Julius 08.12.1873 18.05.1927
Reichenfeld Max 07.09.1870 04.05.1932
Rosenbach Siegmund 29.10.1864 01.12.1935
Russ Alfred Israel
Siedner Simon 16.10.1882 31.12.1938
Steinitz Franz 20.11.1876 14.12.1931
Steinitz Ersnt 13.06.1871 29.09.1928
Troplowitz Alfred 06.01.1876 19.10.1935
Unger Karl 25.01.1901 29.09.1940
Wachsmann Rudolf 21.01.1880 13.01.1929
Wohlauer Albert 05.08.1857 16.07.1926
Wolff Max 10.06.1880 27.11.1938
Wormann Daniel 25.02.1974 20.11.1938
Wunderlich Charles 21.12.1877 23.08.193?

Here you can download an Excel file with a list of names of people buried in the urn field (arranged according to the location of graves).

This link will take you to the photo gallery of gravestones from the urn field.

Some of the gravestones in the urn field are heavily damaged (without inscriptions). It was therefore impossible for us to determine the identity of the person buried there. Right now, their identification would be possible only with the help of archival pictures. In case you may have such pictures, please do have a look at our gallery of anonymous gravestones.