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Dorothy Obstfeld – London England (24. 10. 2009)

Dear Gosia and Kasia, Just discovered this website. Could you tell me whether this was the only Jewish cemetery in Breslau, before 1939 ? Some of my relatives lived in this city, and at least one, died prior to 1939. The family name was Philippsberg which is not mentioned on the list.
Keep up your good work,
Dorothy Obstfeld

Ann – Richmond, VA USA (23. 10. 2009)

I am looking for information on a Jewish family last name Wiesenburg before 1900 in Breslau. Paula Wiesenburg's family.

Yehuda Meinhardt – ISRAEL (23. 10. 2009)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,
Beautiful effort to remeber us about our sources. My family and the family of my wife come from Breslau-Wroclaw.
I have been in contact with Dr. Jan Pawel Woronczak and he is a specialist on Jewish graves in the region, hope that you are also in contact with him. My impression was that most of the Cossel Cemetery was destroyed and that few graves are stil there, but if you will publish a list of existing graves, that will help us in our geneological research. I would like to know if the graves of my grandparents Artur and Elise Luft still exists?
Warmest wishes from Israel,

Judith Ruderman – Durham, NC, USA (14. 10. 2009)

To the Durra family:

With regard to the posting by Phyllis Durra on the JewishGen web site in 2006 (which I have copied below), I am related to both of the families mentioned in that posting. Max Lehman is my paternal grandfather. I believe that he is related to Sidney Jacobsohn through his wife's family: to wit, Max's wife Miriam (my paternal grandmother) was the daughter of Fanny Goetz (spelled variously) nee Strauss. Fanny's sister Sara Strauss married a Jacobsohn. Sidney must be related to that sister, who is Max's aunt by marriage.

I tried to respond to the email in the posting but it was returned to me. I hope to hear from the woman who wrote it or someone related.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Do write to me at judith.ruderman@duke.edu.

Original Posting:

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:56:21 +0200
From: "Phyllis Durra"
Subject: Researching: LEHMAN & JACOBSOHN.
Dear Gersiggers,
In the USA Census of 1910:
Max LEHMAN and his family
Resided: Elsmere Place, NYC.
Max LEHMAN Emp *:
Bergenfield Steamer & Co
National Transportation Co
623E 60th St NYC
Max LEHMAN Occ: Clerk.
Rosie age 24 and Sidney age 21 JACOBSOHN [ sister and brother ]
bordered with Max LEHMAN and Family in 1910 in the Bronx NYC.
* Sidney JACOBSOHN and Max LEHMAN worked in the factory together.
I am seeking members of the LEHMAN and JACOBSOHN Families in NYC.
Many Thanks for any guidance and assistance.
Ernie Durra. Cape Town. South Africa. Email: meldrum@absamail.co.za

Susannah Hanlon – Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle (31. 07. 2009)


Thank you for thinking about developing a website like this. I hope you continue with this project. I visited this cemetary in 2004 and found the pantheon with my great grandfather's name (Georg Pagorsky) and my great great uncle's name (Max Margoliner) inscribed on it. This was an emotional discovery. All I had to go on were last letters my late mother left me from her grandmother and great aunt to her mother (my grandmother) before they were taken from their homes in October 1941. One of my great grandmother's letters mentioned that her father died in May 1941. We only know him as Opale but her maiden name was Margoliner, so we are wondering if he was able to die naturally and be buried at Lotniszka St cemetery. He was apparently into his 90's by then. Maybe you can let me know if there are other graves of my family - either the Pagorsky or the Margoliner side. As you say, the leaves make it difficult to find older graves.
Best of luck with your website.


Dr Carolyn Winchester – France (29. 07. 2009)

Have found the graves of my gggparents in Breslau thahks to the Ronald Lauder Foundation in Warsaw.
We will forever be indebted to them.

Thank you for your website! You may please remove my request for information as the quest has been solved!

George Stein – Princeton, NJ 08540 USA (28. 07. 2009)

Hello, Kasia,
Just heard about the cemetery project and located the stones of two relatives -- Steinitz. My relative Yair Gil told me about the project and showed us a short video of his visit to the site. Thanks very much for all your wonderful work!

Dr Henry Cohn (25. 07. 2009)

Sincere apologies for my previous email. I have since discovered the English version of the site. Please delete the first two sentences of my previous message before posting on the website.
Thank you
Henry Cohn

Dr Henry Cohn – Birmingham, England (25. 07. 2009)

When in Wroclaw a few years ago I was shown a burial book for 1945 onwards with the name of my great uncle Jakob Cohn, d. 1947, but the grave could not be found. I should be grateful to know if it can be located. Also the grave of my great grandfather Nathan Berger, died 1938.
Please keep up the good work you are doing.

Henry Cohn

Ernest Durra – Cape Town. South Africa (16. 07. 2009)

Hello Gosia and Kasia, I have researched My Durra Family via German Jewish Special Interest Group GerSIG
as far back as the early 1600's with enormous help of fellow members. Durra's lived in Breslau [ Wroclaw ],
Staedtel [ Miejsce ] and other Poland Towns. They were Handschuhmachers and Tavern Keepers. I believe
the surname Durra is derived from Durum the wheat. I have made contact with Peter McNally who married
Hadas Durra a distant Cousin. All the Durra's are related. Do You perhaps have any further information on
Durra's buried in Friedhof Cosel and any other Poland Cemeteries ?
I look forward with interest to further progress.
Many Thanks for this Website.
Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.
Ernie Durra.

Dr Carolyn Winchester – France (29. 06. 2009)

Am searching for the graves of my g-g grandparents, known to us as Joseph Fuchs and Rosalie {geboen Stern}. Joseph died in 1882 in Breslau. He lived at 7 Herrenstrasse and we have a document from the Landschul Synagogue thanking him for his 50 years service to the Chevra Kadish. He and Rosalie celebrated theit 50th wedding anniversary at the same Schul on October 18th 1881.lPlease, please help me! Thank you, Yours sincerely, Carolyn

kasriel brum – brooklyn (25. 06. 2009)

I am looking to locate any information about Anna Veit (my great grandmother who died around the 1900 and was buried I was told in the "new" jewish cemetary in Breslau. I believe that would be Cosel.
many thanks,
Charles Kasriel Brum

David Schmidt – Melbourne, Australia (08. 06. 2009)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,

I have a photo of the Schiftan Family Grave which has Lina Schiftan, Adolf Schiftan, Adelheid Prinz (nee Schiftan)who was my Great Grandmother, and Jenny Schiftan, who was Adolf's 2nd wife, at this cementery and was wondering if you have available the paperwork or know if it is available elsewhere.
I know Adolf was related to Adelheid and am trying to find out how. All the living relations don't know this information and I was hoping the paperwork would enlighten us.

Thanking you in Advance

David Schmidt

David Schmidt – Melbourne, Australia (25. 05. 2009)

Dear Webmaster,
I'm interested to make contact with Chanan Tauber who wrote to you on 31/12/2008. She is a distance relative of the Epstein family and I was hoping you could e-mail her. I would be happy for you to give her my e-mail address so she could contact me. Her great grandmother on her mother's side was Fanny Epstein and I believe we would have information for each other.
I will understand if you reject this request as it has little to do with your website.

Hoping for your understanding

David Schmidt

Joanna – Wrocław (24. 04. 2009)

Witam serdecznie,
pracuję w firmie konsultingowej, która pisze Studium Wykonalności na remont cmentarza przy ul.Lotniczej na zlecenie ZGWŻ. Zastanawiam się czy mogę liczyć na pomoc twórczyń tej strony i czy mogę w dokumencie wykorzystać zdjęcia ze strony. Firma Pro-Euro mieści się w kamienicy na ul. Włodkowica 5. Bardzo proszę o kontakt na maila lub pod numerem tel 71/344-62-24.
Pozdrawiam Joanna Markowska-Miłoń

Geoff Kaiser – Melbourne, Australia (26. 03. 2009)

great website. can wait for more details to arrive. I noted that you have said that the complete list of burials is available from the Wroclaw Jewish community. How can I contact them as my great grandparents Josef and helene KAISER are buried at Cosel (about 1932), however, they dont appear on the list at http://www.kirkuty.xip.pl/wroclawlotnicza.htm

Thank you
Geoff Kaiser
Melbourne - Australia

Eitan Mayer – Israel (21. 03. 2009)


When your site will be refreshed ?
While entering to all the links at the site i'm getting message
"Information on Jews in Wrocław / Breslau will be here soon!"

dagmar gapinski – Glinde (12. 03. 2009)

Wie ich durch zufall sehe,sind sie am forschen auf den jüdischenfriedhöfe in polen. nun meine bitte wo kann ich erfahren wo meine vorfahren die in frankfurt/oder und bornst geb. und gest. sind. wo gibt es da jüdische Friedhöfe.ich suche die namen,,cohn,,mann,,saban,,papenheim,,.

Vielen dank in voraus.
mit freundlichen gruß

dagmar gapinski

Stephie Wood – uk (10. 03. 2009)


I should have asked in my first post -is this the only Jewish cemetary in Breslau or should I be looking for another/other cemetaries too in trying to find my relatives graves?

Thank you for your help,


Stephie Wood – uk (10. 03. 2009)


I am looking for the graves of my great grandparents who were buried in the Jewish cemetary in Breslau in the 1930s.

They were:

Isidor Tuch born 2/12/1848
Emilie Tuch nee Bacher born 25/04/1857

(Also of Isidor's brother, Hermann Tuch born Koschminn 1853 and his wife Emma Tuch nee Seidenberg. Emma died in 1941, she was a widow by this time.) If either of these can be found they/it may help locate Isidor and Emilie's graves. If there are any records do they say any more about the family?

Can anyone help?


MARIUSZ – Wroclaw Maslice (29. 01. 2009)

wspaniała strona. odszukana przez przypadek. ogromna PROŚBA..> dokumentuję obecność obozu pracy dla Żydów we Wrocławiu na osiedlu Maślice. Wiem, że istniał, mam relacje żyjących osób, które tutaj były ... ale brak jest źródeł, archiwaliów itd..gdzie szukać? ktoś może mi pomóc?
z zamieszczonego wywiadu możemy się dowiedzieć, że m.in. byli pzyjmowani na Lotniczej chorzy Żydzi z dyslokacji Wroclaw Masslice ... to potwierdza więc istnienie takiego obozu. Był to tzw ZAL fur Juden czyli obóz pracy przymusowy dla Żydów. powstał w 1940 i istniał do 1944 roku. potrzebuję informacji i pomocy. z góry dziękuję, piszcie na e mail osiedlemaslice@wp.pl

chanan tauber – Israel Maskeret batya (31. 12. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia, thank you for your work. It seems that may of my family members were burried in Cosel.I would appreciate it if you could trace them for me.If I am not mistaken my grand mother Johanna Tauber was burried there in1942.I am looking for my great grand father Isidor Schoenfeld from Lugnian(Lubniany) who died in the 19twenties I am intersted in every information conserning people with the family names Tauber and Schoenfeld. With kind regards and thank you in advance Chanan Tauber

Marcin – Wrocław - Kozanów (21. 12. 2008)

Moje Panie. Nie ma co gadać trzeba działać! Myślałem o tym cmentarzu już kilka lat i wasza strona jest bodźcem, który skłania mnie do "zintesyfikowania" działań na rzecz tego miejsca.
Pomysł mam. Chęci też. Czekam na odpowiedź.

Nathan Bar-Nathan – Oranit Israel (07. 11. 2008)

Dear Gosia and kasia.
Looking and searching for my father’s family origins, I entered your web site. My father Walter Riesenfeld was born in Wroclaw (Breslau) on 5/Aug/1900. His parents were Nathan & Sara Riesenfeld born Calmus. My grandfather had 8 brothers and sisters. The family was originally from Biala (Zulz) and at certain time moved to Wroclaw. My father and his brother Fritz, left Germany before the IIww to Israel (British mandate Palestine at that time). I know very little details about the fate of those of our family left there. In your site I noticed a broken tombstone with the writing “familie Riesenfeld”. I cannot know whether this was related to us since I think there were more Riesenfeld families with no family relations to ours. In any case this evoked in me strong emotions. Can you please e mail me if you have some more details? Hopefully we will be able, next year, to come and visit the city and the area, maybe together with a member of the Epstein family who by chance is our neighbour here in Israel.
Thank you very much for this site that allows us to remember and to learn about our past history. Thank you in advance for your help.
Sincerely your
Nathan Bar Nathan

Michelle Tichauer Fanwick – Wilton, Connecticut USA (15. 10. 2008)

This is a great website and I especially appreciate that there is an English version.
I would be interested in finding out about any Tichauers, Gruenpeter/Grunpeters and Zerniks buried in the cemetary. My father was born in Cosel and lived there until the Shoah, when he escaped with his sister via the Kindertransport. His parents were murdered in Auschwitz. We have very little family history and we would very much like to know about our family.
Thank you,
Michelle Tichauer Fanwick

Yair – Knoxville TN - USA (25. 09. 2008)

Just to mark one year to our historical visit with you (Kasia and Gosia) in Cosel semetery; It was an outstanding experience and it is still in my heart, memory, and thoughts - - every day (almost) .
All the best and SHANA TOVA (Happy New Year),

Peter McNally – Israel (20. 09. 2008)


After years of research I came across this website entirely by chance.

My wife's Great Grandmother Alice Durra (geb Friedmann) was buried there in 1920.

In 1994 we visited the cemetery, but the pre-war section of the cemetery was so overgrown that we couldn't identify anything. I do have a number of pre-1939 photo's of the family plot in the cemetery from which i can make out the graves of Alice, Lucie Schottlander (geb Durra) and Hulda Steinmetz (also geb Durra). I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing these pictures.

Thank you for this excellent site

Peter McNally

Reply to Peter McNally

Kasia (21. 09. 2008)

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your nice words.

Unfortunately pre-war section is still in rather poor condition (=overgrown) but slowly things are changing. From time to time there are voluntary groups doing really great job with cleaning. There are also few people who do some works in their free time as well. It’s not enough but.. it is something : ).
I will send you an e-mail concerning your ancestors and pictures you’ve mentioned.
Kasia Nocek

Kamil/sq6ad – Rynek - Ratusz (16. 09. 2008)


cmentarz ten poznałem w połowie lat siedemdziesiątych jako młody fotografik.
Razem z moim kolegą Wojtkiem Zawadzkim (też jest fotografikiem), robiliśmy tam nasze zdjęcia.
Atmosfera tego cmentarza wywarła na nas niesamowite wrażenie. Jego nastrój, a zwłaszcza jesienią,
jest urzekający. Myślę, że i dziś wiele tego uroku zostało. Zresztą myślę, że sam to sprawdzę jeszcze raz tej jesieni.

Kamil Sambor
freelance photographer

mama (11. 09. 2008)

Strony gratuluję
Proszę jednak o powiększenie galerii zdjęć. Na cmentarzu jest co pokazać.
Myślę, że będzie to także większa zachęta do odwiedzenia nekropolii. A może niektórzy włączą się do akcji porządkowania? Wszak zauroczenie różne miewa skutki.

Artur – Wrocław (02. 09. 2008)

Mieszkam we Wrocławiu od początku lat 90 tych. Najpierw jako student a obecnie jako regularny Wrocławianin. Historia naszego miasta jest fascynująca i nie dziwne, że tak wielu ulega czarowi Wrocławia.
Gratuluję wkładu w pielęgnację stolicy Dolnego Śląska, tym bardziej że breslauerzy z Antypod żywo intersują się historią swoich rodzin związanych z Wrocławiem. Myślę, że takie działania lepiej służą dialogowi między narodami niż polityczne deklaracje,

Gary Schmidt – Melbourne Australia (20. 08. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,

Firstly, thank you both very much for your wonderful assistance in helping me to locate the graves of my ancestors at Cosel. I would like to share the following information with you.

I have downloaded the list of approximately 1650 names of those buried at Cosel from the site which you Kasia, suggested that I log onto. Indeed I have seen the name of my great grandfather Adolph Epstein listed with the date we know to be the date of his death.

I also have seen three entries for Ebstein (with a "b" not a "p"), two of which are for "Alexander" and one of which is for "Aleksander". I know that an Alexander Epstein (with a "p") was my great great grandfather (i.e. Adolph's father). In fact I have a very old T'nach (Hebrew Bible) with his name clearly hand-written inside the front cover. I also have an old German military certificate issued in 1898 to Alexander Ebstein (with a "b"). It appears from these family heirlooms that my great great grandfather Alexander used both versions of his name "Epstein" and "Ebstein".

The date of death of Alexander/Aleksander Ebstein is given on the Cosel list as 20.09.1909, which seems to be approximately correct since Adolph died 21 years later. It would appear then that the entries for this Ebstein could refer to my great great grandfather.

Are either of you able to indicate whether his grave in field 19, number 21 or 41 is still visible?

By the time I arrive in Wroclaw in November I will need many days to look for family graves!

best wishes
Gary Schmidt
Melbourne, Australia

Gary Schmidt – Melbourne Australia (17. 08. 2008)

Dear Kasia,

Many thanks for your very informative reply of 1.8.08. Since writing to you I have been in contact with Gosia who has also been extremely helpful and with the Jewish Information Centre in Wroclaw which has confirmed the burials of 3 of my great grandparents, Selma Epstein in 1929, Adolph Epstein in 1930 and Adelheid Prinz in 1936 in addition to the locations of their graves. I sincerely hope that I will be able to locate the graves when I visit the cemetery in November.

I wish to thank you very sincerely for the work you are doing to make information and assistance available to those who are seeking information about relatives buried at Cosel.

Best wishes
Gary Schmidt

David Schmidt – Melbourne,Australia (30. 07. 2008)

This is the first time I have visited this website. Looks very interesting and I hoping that some can answer some of my questions.
Four of my Great grandparents were buried at the Cosel, in Breslau between 1900 -- 1936. Have I got the correct place.
Do you have a record of people buried.
Their surnames were Prinz and Epstein.

Reply to David Schmidt

Kasia (01. 08. 2008)

Hi David,

I assume you are member of the same family as Gary Schmidt :).
Please, read our reply to his comment as it contains information you might find useful as well. The list I mentiond in the other comment includes two people with surname Prinz.

Gary Schmidt – Melbourne Australia (30. 07. 2008)

Dear Webmaster,

I "stumbled" across your website while I was trying to locate the cemetery referred to as Cosel-Breslau in the Trauer Albums (Yizkor/memorial books) of my great grandparents Selma and Adolf Epstein who were buried there in 1929 and 1930 respectively. Their eldest daughter Gertrud died at the age of 15 in the year 1910. She is also buried there and the location of her grave is Fuld 19, No. 526.

I am planning to visit Wroclaw in November 2008 and would like to confirm whether the cemetery at Lotnicka St in Wroclaw is indeed the Cosel-Breslau cemetery. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

If this is the Cosel cemetery can you please explain why it was referred to by this name.

In addition, do you know whether any records exist which list the names of those interred in the cemetery and whether there may be a convenient way in which I could locate the matsevot of my great grandparents. Selma's grave is ialso in Fuld 19.

Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Gary Schmidt

Reply to Gary Schmidt

Kasia (01. 08. 2008)

Dear Gary,

Yes, Jewish cemetery at Lotnicza street is Cosel-Breslau Cemetery. Here is very short explanation.
Till the end of the WW II that area belonged to Germany and only after that was given back to Poland. Cosel-Breslau is German name for place known in Polish as Kazanów-Wrocław (Kazanów is name of district within Wrocław city). Street at which cemetery is located was known in German times as Flughafen Strasse (Airport Street) while its Polish name is Lotnicza.
All together it would be:
-in German: Friedhof Cosel - Breslau, Flughaffen Strasse
-in Polish: Nowy Cmentarz Żydowski Kazanów - Wocław, ul. Lotnicza.

There are books recording all burials that took place at the cemetery. However they are in possession of Wrocław Jewish community and you would have to contact them to get more detailed information.
There is also not complete record of preserved graves. This list was put together about 12 years ago (you can download it here -> http://www.kirkuty.xip.pl/wroclawlotnicza.htm , scroll down to *Kliknij tu, by otworzyć spis nagrobków * ). It is being subsequently up-dated along with our work and researches on the cemetery.
I’ve found your great grandfather Adolf Epstein in our records and few other people with the same surname but I haven’t found Selma and Gertrud Epstein.
Please, contact as via e-mail ( -> http://www.friedhofcosel.info/contact.php ) if you’d like to know something more.

Your sincerely,
Kasia Nocek

magdalena (04. 07. 2008)

Informacje na stronie,a także zdjęcia rzucają na kolana.Kilka lat temu odwiedziłam to magiczne miejsce i do dziś pozostaję pod wielkim wrażeniem.Przekraczając cmentarną bramę,z każdym krokiem czułam niepowtarzalną atmosferę cmentarza. Nagrobne inskrypcje opowiedziały o losach ludzi,którzy tu, w tym niezwykłym miejscu znaleźli wieczny odpoczynek.Zapomniane miasto umarłych,ukryte wśród zieleni bluszczu,otoczone ceglanym murem i aurą tajemniczości.Miejsce niezwykłe,szkoda,że zapomniane...

rina agranati Landseberger – Spain (24. 05. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,

I do not have word to express how wonderful this project is. I am currently looking for my mother grave in wroclaw. She died in 1956. Eventhough I still did not find her, this site is important in my research. I am sure this web will serve many others.

yours sincerely,

Rina Agranati

Aryeh Merhav 12.3.08 – Tel-Aviv,Israel (12. 03. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,

Thank yoy for the impressing site. I enjoined the visit with the Family in Wroclaw very much. I was particularly impressed and moved by the visit to the Jewish Cemetery, and most off all by your fabulous work of restoring and preserving the site. My parents grew up in Wroclaw (Breslau then) and for me it was particularly intersting and very moving to visit the sites I heard off so much during my youth. So god Bless you and thank you for your fine work.

Warmest regards

Aryeh Merhav

Krzysztof – Warszawa (03. 03. 2008)

Świetna robota, chylę czoła przed Autorkami!

Zeev Raphael – Haifa (25. 02. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,

My congratulations on your initiative to document the COSEL Cemetery for the benefit of future researchers, and to save it from oblivion.

As you know, our family has a special interest in Wroclaw/Breslau. Our paternal ancestors had lived in the Posen/Poznan area (Posen, Obornik, Mietschisko). In the early 1920s, Nathan, a brother of my grandfather Isidor, moved to Breslau and raised his family there.

The Best of Luck in your endeavor,
And my warm wishes,


Menachem Merhav – Ramat Hasharon, Israel (23. 02. 2008)

Dear Gosia and Kasia,
I looked at your new site, and greatly appreciate your efforts. Keep on the good work,
especially in the English version.
I wish to thank you once more for discovering and photographing the gravestone of Herbert Markowiz,
my late uncle.
Yours cordially,
Menachem Merhav